"Why do we buy this stuff?" & "Recycled America" (EN e Russo)

Projecção de filmes

14 de Setembro, 14h00-18h00

Novosibirsk, Rússia


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EN - The Field environmental center "Owl House", promotes 6 activities and inaugurates, in 2019, the celebration of the Ecology Day in Russia! On 14 September, the Day of Ecology at "Ecollaboration"(https://vk.com/event184874049) on the last day of its work in the dome space near the MEGA ("Taste of Summer" street Vatutina, 107) - we are here again! 



12:00-14: 00 - game training "How to work with public environmental projects?"
14:00-16: 00 - "Such a small river" - meeting with the head of the initiative group "let's Help Izdrevaya River", coordinator of volunteer programs "Field environmental center "Owl House" Julia Kolevatova.
16:00 - 18:00 - film screening "Salt of the Earth" - winner of festival of ecological films "People and environment", France,110 min, actors: Leila Salgado, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Jacques Barthelemy, Sebastião Salgado, WIM Wenders, Hugo Barbier. Directors: Giuliano Ribeiro Salgado and WIM Wenders.


"Owl House" invites you to a Eco-friendly house (near the Mega)! 12 September we will be at the site of "Taste of summer" in the space of Eco-homes (in TCS MEGA, street Vatutina, 107) in the framework of the project "ECOllaboration" to tell, to show, to model situations and to play! Please come, it will be interesting!

> 14:00-16:00 - Meeting-circle " Why do we buy this stuff?

At this meeting we will talk about the psychology of consumption #pricedetermining What is "consumption" and "consumer"? Good or bad? Is it possible to live completely without consumption?

How do we (people) understand what we want in a particular place and at a particular time? How much resource do we need to meet the need? How do we (people) know when to stop? How do we complete our consumption process?

And finally, what prevents to find the optimal balance? What influences are we sensitive to? What makes us "touch" with the consumption of different pieces?For example, what prevents us from stopping in time to buy the twenty-second pair of shoes... a new car... a new smartphone last year release... another Cup of coffee on the walk... ETS?

Do we really want what we want to buy?

Or -?....

This, and how to make consumption balance a deeply personal practice, will be discussed at this meeting. We'll talk, play, and do a couple of interesting exercises to explore your own beliefs, limitations, and choices.

The host of the meeting is Elena Kizilova (Layla).

Non-medical therapist (body-oriented psychotherapy, integrated humanistic therapy, procedural therapy), a coach ("Copyright School-workshop integrated humanistic psychotherapy" School Candace) psychologist-coordinator ("House of Owls"), biologist-researcher (C.b.N.), senior lecturer HAIRDRYER NSU.

Dress warmly, take thermoses with hot drinks. The site is summer, there is no heating, and the climate is Siberian!


> 16:00-18:00 - the film "Recycled America", a special prize of the festival of ecological cinema "Man and Nature" for honesty and depth. Directors: Tim and Noah Hussin. USA, 2015, 100 min.

Two brothers for two years roam the South of America on bicycles, assembled from old parts, in search of radical small communities in the midst of a comprehensive globalization. While they are learning to survive on the road, the residents of several modern communities with farms give them a night and accompany them to the West coast, and at the same time turn the idea of the brothers of the "American dream" on its head. (The film is in English, with Russian subtitles.14+)


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