Plant a Tree for the Amazon (EN)

Actividade prática

14 de Setembro

Gorongosa National Park


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Students in the Master's in Conservation Biology Program in Gorongosa National Park and the staff of the Scientific Services Department in Gorongosa National Park will be planting trees on Ecology Day in order to send a message regarding the importance of restoring and protecting biodiversity and the value of forests in mitigating global climate change. Our program originated in response to the recent fires in the Amazon.

Although we are not able to directly assist in forest recovery in Brazil, we would like to demonstrate that everyone can play a part in offsetting carbon emissions and protecting biodiversity locally.   We will be planting native species germinated from seeds collected in nearby forest along a riverine area that has suffered a great deal of deforestation for shifting agriculture.  Students will give a brief presentation to the local community regarding their initiative and motivating the community to protect forests in order to contribute to the sustainability of the soils and water they depend on.

Venue: Serra da Gorongosa, Gorongosa National Park

Target audience: Local community, master's students, science technicians

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